MBA (HR, Finance , Marketing)

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Program Outcomes (POs)

PO 1: Management Knowledge: Application and implementation of OB, OR & QT, Economics and domain specialization for rational decision making.


PO 2:Individual and team work: Participating effectively as a member of a team, individual & as a leader in an organization.


PO 3:Communication Skills: Communicate effectively through verbal, non- verbal communication & demonstrating appropriate presentation skills. 


PO 4:Leadership skills: Development of prospective leaders for business and industrial sustainability. 


PO 5:Upgrading IT skills: Acquiring relevant IT skills to support decision making in real time scenarios.


PO 6:Entrepreneurship: Imbibing a spirit of entrepreneurship among students for prospective job creation.


PO 7:Values: Developing appropriate ethical and spiritual values relevant to managerial practices.


PO 8:Consultancy: To facilitate professional exchange of knowledge and information between industry - institution for mutual benefit.


PO 9:Social responsibility: Instilling a sense of responsibility towards the society among prospective business managers.


PO 10:Placements: Providing job opportunities with respect to the specific areas of expertise. 


PO 11:Time Management: Inculcating the habit of time management among students in their day to day activities and life.


PO 12:Global learning: Fostering global learning for exploiting opportunities and preparing students to overcome cross cultural shocks.



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